Pre Primary School

A child’s greatest power of learning is from the day they are born to 5 years of age. These years are the most formative of a child’s life. We use a unique blend of qualified teachers and support staff to care for and stimulate your child. By the time your child grows to go to Primary school, he/she will have been taught first stage reading and writing, beginner’s English and Music and Movement. Main areas of learning are mathematical development, communication, language and literacy, knowledge and understanding of the world, creative development, personal and social education and physical development.

  • To develop good physical and mental health of the children and equip them with creative and social skills.
  • To build a foundation for the 3Rs.
  • To encourage the children to explore, ask question and experiment.
  • To develop child’s intellectual potential.
  • To stimulate their curiosity, observation and thinking abilities.
  • To foster self-esteem.
  • To develop their motor skills.
  • Keeping in mind the goals of Pre School, Little Champ English Medium School has structured the teaching learning process that is :
  • Activity Based – Promotes Co-operation and Coordination.
  • Project Based – Creative skills, Observation and Application.

Based on Play way Methods – Interesting and Interactive.
Each class in the Pre School has 25 students with 1 teacher. The classrooms are spacious, well lit and ventilated. Furniture is light, bright & comfortable.
There is a lot of space for the children to move around and play. Each class has its own set of teaching aids and toys.
Stress is given on communication skills and language development. Children learn to express themselves with confidence, develop self – esteem and a love for learning which provides the foundation for all future learning.
A child’s Physical and Mental development is more rapid during the Pre-Primary Schooling days than any other period in life. Keeping this in mind the City International Group of Schools has developed a balanced programme and a time – table that gives enough time and opportunity for physical and mental development.

Primary School

The curricular framework adopted by Little Champ English Medium School in accordance to the one proposed by Maharashtra State Board is as follows:

one proposed by Maharashtra State Board is as follows:

Primary Stage: (5 Years 1’st to 5’th)

Three Languages (English, Hindi & Marathi)
Environmental Studies / Social Studies
Work Experience
Art Education
Computer Education (Theory & Practical)
Health & Physical Education


  • The Schools are grand multi-storey buildings with spacious classrooms.
  • All the classrooms have big windows for ventilation and natural light.
  • The furniture is modern, colorful and comfortable.
  • Huge blackboards and display boards in every classroom.
  • Well equipped computer center.
  • State of Art
  • Playgrounds and Play equipment.
  • A large variety of modern teaching aids.
  • Educational Toys, Soft Toys.
  • Well-furnished Library.

Our Faculty

A teacher is the backbone of a school. No infrastructure can replace or substitute a teacher. In Little Champ English Medium School the teachers are employed on the basis of academic expertise, experience and right attitude. With an excellent 15:1 student teacher ratio, the teachers function to their optimum level and become positive role models.
Ongoing professional and education is a requirement for all teachers. Teachers attend frequent workshops and study sessions to keep up with the dynamics of education.

  • LCEMS Staff
  • Evaluation System

    Little Champ English Medium Schools do not believe in ‘Marksists’ philosophy. The children are not judged and branded. The children are given grades for different skills like writing, computing ability, application, observation etc. The Grading system is applied in scholastic and non-scholastic subject from class III to V.