Our Principal

Principal Mr.Kiran D.Shinde. Acting principal

Dear Students,

I welcome all of you on behalf of HRSPM’s Law College,Rajgurunagar ,Pune. Legal profession is one of the oldest and noble callings. The profession of law is held in high esteem and its members have played an enviable role in public life. It is an honorable profession with high traditional and immense potentialities for great good in the progress of ordered society. Lawyers have been in the vanguard of the country’s progress have played a leading role in the nations’ freedom struggle and have always zealously guarded human liberties and the rule of law. Public service is the foremost and primary aim of legal profession. A career in law has many opportunities, particularly, in the light of the emerging new fields of social and economic activities, both at national and international level. Legal profession offers excellent openings to those individuals who are equipped with the requisite professional qualities, skills and competencies. Earlier, it has been felt that, a law graduate has limited career opportunities, apart from practicing as an advocate.  Those days has gone, now, a simple law graduate would visualize a bleak career prospects. There is a sea change in the legal field with wide expansion of the governmental and corporate functions and growth of commercial transactions, leading to increasing litigation.

We are committed to provide to our students with the best opportunities and environment for legal education and enable them to attain very high levels in academic as well as in legal profession. To inculcate legal education which will  promote  intellectual, moral and social level of students.

Hutatma Rajguru Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s Law College, Rajgurnagar, Dist. Pune offers you all the facilities, ambience and assistance required to stand in this competitive world. We are conscious of our responsibility to educate and train our students to cope up the challenges ahead. We expect that our students will take full advantage of the facilities and opportunities offered to realize their potential.

We are intended to provide to our students not only a degree gathering education, but creative, constructive, dynamic and life transforming education.

I welcome you all and look forward to see you at Hutatma Rajguru Shikshan Prasarak Mandal’s Law College.


Mr.Kiran D.Shinde.
Acting    Principal