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HRSP Mandal’s Arts, Commerce & Science College

About College

Hutatma Rajguru Shikshan Prasarak Mandal is founded  by the  Hon’ble  Shri Dilip  D. Mohite (MLA) Tal-Khed(Rajgurunagar) Dist-Pune. The Education society registered under the Maharashtra Registration of Act,1860 vide recognize Maharashtra 1629/2005 dt. 19/10/2005.

Hutatma Rajguru Shikshan Prasarak Mandal has established various educational institutions like

College Campus

The college building having the area of 5,000 sq. ft. with 1 administration office, 1 staff room, 1 society office, 1 seminar hall, 1 library, 1 canteen, 15 classrooms, 2 Science Labs, 1 Computer Lab having 12 Computers, Departments rooms for Exam, Commerce, Geography, Marathi, NSS, Sports, Adiwasi Grahak Bhandar each.

Computer Lab
Computer lab
The College has well equipped computer lab in which Internet facility has provided. This facility helps the students to keep in touch & gain knowledge of various things happened in educational & other fields.

Girls Common Room

girls common room

As per University rule college has provided well furnished girls common room.

Solar System

solar system

The College having high power solar system unit which provides the electricity for the electrical equipments used in the college.

Extracurricular Activity

The College provides facility for indoor & outdoor games & has a suitable play ground in college campus. College always organized elocution competitions, debate, quiz, essay competitions. In addition to this college organizes various games competitions like Cricket, Badmintons, Chess, Carom etc. The concerned teachers are always encouraging students to participate in such extracurricular activities.

Annual Gathering

In each academic year at end of second semester have started to organize annual gathering which provided platform for students to show their talents in various activities apart from academic.


Certificates & mementoes’ will be issue to the students who have stood first in their academic years. In additions, we provide prize for participating in all State Level & National Level prestigious & renowned Competitions & the students who have shown their notable performance in such competitions will be honored by the college.

The Teaching Staff

The college teaching staff consists of highly qualified, efficient and widely experienced teachers. Eminent professors and other concerned important personalities have agreed to deliver Guest Lectures, while the regular staff has been selected from among the best of professors.

Mission & Goals


ACS College Dehane commits itself to becoming an institution of educational excellence, imparting higher education for development of character and personality in its students.


  • Dedicated teaching, enhanced by creative research and extracurricular activities.
  • Aligning educational programs to modern and global needs.
  • Remaining self-reliant and be self-renewing.
  •  Instilling moral, cultural and social dimensions to life.


Higher Education Institutions have to perform multiple roles, like creating new knowledge, acquiring new capabilities and producing an intelligent human resource pool, through challenging teaching, research and extension activities so as to balance both the need and demand.

(Ref. Higher Education in India: Issues, Concerns &New Directions, UGC publication 2003.)

  • To equip students with the necessary skills to compete in a technologically advanced global scenario.
  • To provide an academic environment that reinforces appropriate social and cultural values.
  • To provide research facilities which would promote the exploration in core areas related to traditional and contemporary fields of study.
  • To provide value addition through co-curricular and extra – curricular activities,
  • To enhance personality development for national and global competency.
  • To make education accessible to all sections of society.
  • To sensitize students to environmental issues.
  • The college reflects national aspirations in its mission by orienting all its academic and administrative programs and policies towards the fulfillment of vision and mission statement.
  • New academic Programs are introduced to cater to the need of industry and provide access to the students in frontline areas.
  • Value-added vocational courses have been introduced to impart the practical skills.
  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are planned to improve overall personality of the students and their participation is encouraged.
  • Empowerment of women is considered as a priority area and efforts are made to put it in reality in all academic and other activities.
  • Academic ambience and infrastructural facilities are augmented from time to time, to enhance teaching- learning and research culture.
  • Human resource development activities have been put in action through training and extension. Programs to inculcate values and sense of social responsibilities are planned and executed through interaction with community.

Local Management Committee


Mr.Diliprao D. Mohite Patil


Mrs. Surekhatai Diliprao Mohite Patil


Mr. Nanabhau Dagadu Waghmare


Mr. Paru Gajaba Khade


Mr. Ramdas Tukaram Korade


Mr. Genbhau Nana Waje

Teaching Staff Member

Prof. Amar Ramdas Jare

Teaching Staff Member

Prof. Sanjay Gangaram More

Teaching Staff Member

Prof. Sandesh Bhanudas Takalkar

Non-Teaching Staff Member

Mr. Nivrutti Kisan Bhalerao

Committee Secretary

Prin. Dr. Shivajirao N. Mohite

The Students of the college are expected to

  •  Maintain discipline and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Be regular and punctual in attending the classes and at least 75% attendance is mandatory for all the students to be eligible for appearing University examination.
  • Not to instigate the fellow students to indulge in any unlawful activities.
  • Not to disturb other students when the class is in progress by way of making noise or asking irrelevant questions. Normally reserve questions or doubts to be asked towards the end of the period.
  • Handle college property like furniture, equipments, tools, books, etc. carefully without causing avoidable damage.
  • Make it a habit to see the notice board for keeping yourself well informed about various happenings and activities taking place in the college.
  • To pay the institute fees or any other dues in time.
  • To appear in all tests and terminal examination conducted by the college. Absentees will be charged with fine.
  • Not to indulge in malpractice during examinations.
  • Not to resort to ragging of junior students.
  • Not to be disrespectful to college staff and fellow students.
  • Detail procedure for admission and issue of identity cards will be displayed on the Notice Board. In case of difficulty, students can make an inquiry with the Office Superintendent & or Principal.


Committees: As per University rule, college has appointed various committees.

  • Anti Ragging Committee:
  •  Sexual Harassments Committee:
  •  RTI Committee
  •  Admission Committee
  •  Cultural Committee

Senior College Teaching Staff- 2013-2014

Sr. No.



Teaching Exp.

1 Prin. Dr. Shivajirao N. Mohite M.A. M.Ed., Ph. D. 35 Years
2 Prof. Dr. Vikas Prabhakar Veer M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D., NET, SET. 8 Years
3 Prof. Sanjay Gangaram More M.A., M. Phil., NET 9 Years
4 Prof. Siddharth Kadu Ranyewale M.A., NET, NET 5 Years
5 Prof. Anita Dnyaneshwar Muluk M.A., B.Ed., NET 6 Years
6 Prof. Prakash Buwaji Pandharmise M.A., SET 8 Years
7 Prof. Goraksh Baban Dere M.A., M.Phil., SET 1 Year
8 Prof. Amar Ramdas Jare M.Com, DTL, GDC&A 6 Years
9 Prof. Sandip Dhondibhau Manzire M.Com., GDC&A 4 Years
10 Prof. Laxman Arun Kshirsagar M.A., B.Ed., M. Phil. 3 Years
11 Prof. Yogesh Bhanudas Mohite B.A., M. Ed. (Phy. Edu.) 2 Years
12 Prof. Nagnath Adhinath Mane M.Com., M.Phil., GDC&A 1 Year
13 Prof. Vishal Devram Supe M.A., B.Ed. 1 Year
14 Prof. Hanumant R. Pise M.A. B.Ed. 2 Years
15 Prof. Sandesh Bhanudas Takalkar M.A., M.Lib. 5 Years

Teaching Staff- 2013-2014

Sr. No.



Teaching Exp.

1 Prof. Mangal Shankar Gholap M.A., B.Ed. 10 years
2 Prof. Vikas Ganpat Gholap M.Com., B.Ed. 5 Years
3 Prof. Nirmala Bhagwan Adavale M.A., B. Ed. 5 Years
4 Prof. Bhaskar Parshuram Jagdale M.A., B.Ed. 3 Years

Non – Teaching Staff 2013-2014

Sr. No.




1 Mr. Shewale Abhijeet Madhukar Clerk B.Com.
2 Mr. Bhalerao Nivrutti Kisan Clerk B.Com
3 Mr. Korade Santosh Ramdas Peon 12th
4 Mr. Solase Kailas Shankar Peon B.A.
5 Mr. Kashale Vinod Devram Watchman 10th
The library is the heart of the academic institution and plays an important role in all academic activities.


1. Total Books                                                                         4801

a. Text Books                                                                           1396

b. Reference Books                                                                 829

c. Dictionary                                                                              34

d. Other                                                                                    834

e. Donate Books                                                                    1708

2. Magazine                                                                               20

3. Newspapers                                                                          05

4. Thesis                                                                                    04


Mon. to Sat. – 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

a. Circulation:-

Users may borrow books for a stipulated period. Journals / reports are not allowed to issue for home.

b. Reference Service: -

The library provides both anticipatory and on-demand services for better utilization of information resources with maximum satisfaction of student and faculty.

c. Inter-library loan: -

Library has an inter-library loan arrangement with all the college libraries of the HRSPM’s campus.

d. Reading Room: -

Library has an excellent reading room with 30 comfortable chairs with writing pad.

Student Council

The Students’ Council is the apex students’ body of H.R.S.P.M’s Art’s, Commerce & Science college, Dehane. Apart from organizing specific events, it acts a link between the students and the college faculty and administration. The Council addresses student grievances and co-ordinates guest lectures by visiting faculty, exchange programmers, seminars, conferences, scholarships, etc. It also assists in maintenance of the H.R.S.P.M’s Art’s, Commerce & Science college, Dehane’s website, the Electronic Research Room, the Library and augments smooth functioning of the other student bodies of Art’s, Commerce & Science college, Dehane.